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Places To Work For Free or Very Cheap in Santiago

I remember having read this question on Reddit a couple of times before but maybe if you’re a digital nomad or just wanna read a book or study there are some places you can go and spend no money. Corfo Library CORFO is the government’s entrepreneurship office and in their HQ in Santiago they have...

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What’s A Chilean Colectivo?

I know this is a bit confusing but have you ever wonder why are there taxis with names on top in some streets? I noticed that not many articles are written about them and let alone in English. Even worse, most articles pointing at this “colectivo” topic refer to the Argentinian meaning of the word...

Santiago View Entel Tower

Why should you come to Santiago?

Santiago is the capital of Chile, a country located west of the Southern Cone of South America. The question is why coming here? Is it interesting? Does it have anything that I’m interested about? Is it safe? We’ll be covering all these questions later on. Right now, I’m going to show you what’s interesting about...