My name is Francisco Fuentes. I’m a Chilean guy, born and raised here. I love Santiago and I’ve had the chance to meet so many foreign people across Chile which has given me passion for tourismĀ  as a way to meet wonderful people and give them a good time.

This project started a long time ago with “Welcome to Santiago” which used to be a Spanish speaking blog about the city but I didn’t follow through and many difficulties arose while I tried to make sense of a good idea but with no planning on what was actually needed. One thing I noticed is that there isn’t much information in English and the one you can find is still scarce and written in a “commercial tourism” language which is not personal enough and limits the experience to what you can buy: A fancy tourist restaurant, a couple of tourist spots here and there. Where’s the human factor? Staying in hostels and walking through other cities taught me that a lot of the experience is shaped by small details in one place or another supplied by real people.

Also, locals have an important part to do but you don’t always see locals in a visit. Maybe this is a good starting point to make that contact with locals and their culture possible. That’s one of the goals of Travel to Santiago.

Use the comment section below if you have any questions regarding tourism but not only that but also on other topics like culture, migration and other things. I’ll try to help with all the information I have and what’s available. I wanna be your “bridge” between Chile and you.

Have a nice trip!