Thanks to our high vaccination rates, the health situation in Chile seems much more comfortable to allow for foreign tourism. However, the opening doesn’t go without its caveats!

According to Chile’s Government starting October 1st any non-resident foreigner can enter the country as long as he/she is properly vaccinated and can validate that process. How exactly does someone do that? What other requirements are needed? Let’s check them out!


  • You need to show a PCR negative result taken 72 hours before entering the country
  • An affidavit where you write about your origin and destination as well as possible symptoms you might have (
  • A medical travel insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 US Dollars (it needs to cover for repatriation and, of course, COVID-19)
  • The vaccination if you’re coming for tourism or reasons not covered by the law. You have to submit your vaccination process at (process explained below)

If you’re vaccinated things will be smoother in the country, you’ll have to stay less time in lockdown (5 days vs 7 and this might change in the future in favor of vaccinated people) and allow you to enter closed spaces like restaurant tables indoors and not having to request permission to move from region to region if you visit different cities. EDIT: You can’t enter the country without being vaccinated for tourism purposes. At least as far as we know.

UPDATE: If you take a PCR exam and it’s negative in Chile after you arrive you can finish your lockdown more quickly

How to prove you’re vaccinated

In order to validate your vaccination process you have to create an account at When you enter the website you have to look for a switch “extranjero” and activate it. Then create an account and follow the instructions. Once the account is validated you have to add your vaccination certificate and other info related.

We strongly suggest doing this process way in advance, especially if documents like your Vaccination Certificate isn’t written in English or Spanish. Also the website is only in Spanish at the moment.

At the end of the process you’ll get a “Pase de Movilidad” which can be used to prove your vaccination status everywhere (at the airport or even at a closed space like a restaurant). A QR code accessible from mevacuno website.


I hope the requirements are clearer now but if you have questions write them down below and I’ll try to answer them.