This is a guide based on the original text of the Chilean Border Reopening Protocol available from (it might change in the future). It’s not a full translation, just what we need to know:

Border Reopening Plan

This reopening plan is aimed at foreign nationals with no resident status in Chile and it started on November 23th.

The goal of the border reopening plan is to ensure health conditions in Chile identifying active cases who won’t be able to embark a flight to Chile.

Every passenger will need 3 documents:

  • Affidavit For Travellers To Prevent Coronavirus Diseases (available at filled out 48 hours prior to boarding
  • PCR test with a negative result (submitted to the airline) issued up to 72 hours before departing hour. The test must have been issued by a health authority supported lab.
  • Medical insurance that covers COVID-19 and for an amount of at least USD 30,000.00

This procedure is valid for SCL airport and as of today it’s not possible to cross land borders with it but the plan is gradual and it might change overtime.

It’s important to notice that people coming from high risk countries (community transmission according to the OMS in their Weekly Epidemiological Update) have to stay in lock down for 14 days. This policy will remain until December 7. After that period those tourists will be able to travel normally. However, tourists whose destination is not Santiago can travel during the first 24 hours regardless of their national status.

Also the reopening plan states that travellers have to report their location and health condition in a daily basis replying to an e-mail they’ll get from the Health Authority. A failure to do so involves the risk of getting a fine or a process against you which is supported by the Penal Code (I’m not a lawyer btw).

Finally, deconfinement phases apply to tourists as well and they can’t move to areas under phase 3 (Preparation).

I’ll keep you updated as soon as this plan changes, for instance, whenever tourists are allowed to cross land borders.